12 months ago

NBA2K17 seek to more realistic visual effect, so, when you watch the NBA2K17 trailer, you may forget that it just a video basketball, imagined it is real basketball, it means that NBA2K17 reach remarkable successful than previous basketball video games.

The video game's latest trailer appear, which is set to Imagine Dragons"Friction", showcases detailed graphics that extend to the mascots and crowds.


Interactions look better than ever, as players now elbow for positioning and fight over loose balls.

Damian Lillard points at his wrist, Draymond Green enthusiastically claps and LeBron James dusts off his shoulder, showing that every intricacy is depicted to a tee.

There's even a sighting of Kobe Bryant donning No. 8. The Black Mamba graces the cover of a special "Legend Edition," which honors the retired star.

In september 2016, we will be see the game appear related games platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Specifically, NBA2K17 release date is september 20. If you want get more NBA2K17 latest news, please stay tuned U4NBA.

12 months ago

A member of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry indeed is a uncommonly talent basketball player. His jump shot almost is perfect especially last season his excellent showing. Actually, he firmly claimed to break NBA2K16.

Visual Concepts make effort to take a path help players to defend the Warriors, NBA2K17 is emphasis on more realistic experience for players such as players can control overall basketball court, This is a big responsibility.

Steph Curry finished the 2015-16 NBA season hitting more than 51 percent of 3-point shots that he took between 28 feet from the basket and the half-court line, which is 43 feet from the backboard. The rest of the NBA shot less than 21 percent from that range, according to U4NBA.

That performance was so incredible that NBA 2K16, although it offered an acclaimed simulation of basketball, could not initially account for it. Senior producer Rob Jones told me in an interview last week that developer Visual Concepts designed the game with a "significant drop-off" in shot accuracy beyond a certain distance past the 3-point arc. That turned NBA 2K16’s version of Curry into a mere mortal when it came to shooting deep 3s.

"He’s the only guy that’s actually doing it," Jones explained. "Nobody else is coming down, getting to the hash mark, or getting to the circle, and going, ‘Well, I’m shooting from here, forget you.’ And so we didn’t want to make that change without being able to individualize that to the one person currently who’s doing it."

NBA 2K16 has a plan to keep Steph Curry from breaking the game — and we could all be the winner.

The key was to ensure that other skilled long-range shooters couldn’t match Curry’s ability to hit 3s from way, way out — not even his fellow "Splash Brother," Klay Thompson.

NBA2K17 soon to be release on september 20, games players can pre-order it four days early, nonetheless, let's us together to anticipated the drastic video basketball game.