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Michael B. Jordan never thought just like a scene: he would appear a video game forever, the award-winning actor just two in the last 5 years. the character of Jace Stratton in Gears of War 3 that released in 2011, as noted by Michael B. Jordan, Additionally, gamers can see him act as the MyCareer player named Justice Young in NBA 2K17. More NBA 2K17 latest news, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

Do you remember the star added to the game in the last year? yes, you're right, last year, the movie industry star is Spike Lee, additionally, Jordan directed the MyCareer storyline, he was extremely surprised.

“To be able to follow in his footsteps, as a legendary filmmaker like Spike Lee, was a tremendous honor,” Jordan said on a phone interview with For The Win on Wednesday. “For myself, it was a reality check that I’m in the same realm as him, which is pretty cool.”

Jordan spoke to FTW in light of the Friday announcement that he’d be highlighted in the basketball game.

Jordan said that getting to work with Covington (again), seeing how the game was made and meeting everyone involved in the process made the experience a memorable one. He also revealed he got to create his own “signature move.” When asked if he could elaborate, Jordan said he’d rather keep it a secret, then added while laughing, “It’s really … cool?”

It’s probably safe to say that whatever Jordan came up with will actually be cool. The 29-year-old actor has lots of friends in the NBA whom he may have drawn inspiration from. Over the years, going to games and participating in events like the Celebrity All-Star Game, he has had opportunities to meet and befriend many players. To name a handful, he said LeBron James, Charles Oakley, Shaquille O’Neal and Jordan Clarkson are friends. Plus, he has gotten the chance to get to know Kobe Bryant, especially after filming that hilarious Apple commercial with him.

“He (Kobe Bryant) has so much information and wisdom to give. He’s a smart guy. He’s very focused, he’s very successful and there’s a formula to that personality trait,” Jordan said. “There’s a formula to that, how you spend your time to be successful. That’s something that I definitely want to be and continue to be.”

While Jordan is motivated by Bryant’s success, he is moved by James’ backstory — and has been for a while now. Two years ago, when James was only a two-time champ, Jordan told USA TODAY Sports that if he could choose any professional athlete to play in a movie, it’d be James. That’s still the case.

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Last several years, MyCareer as NBA 2K series a featured mode gradually changes, an interactive moive appeared from its evolved. More latest NBA 2K17 news, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

Last year, writing and directing the story mode follow by appeared, all thanks to Spike Lee, As announced by 2K sports. It must be admit that the production values were high, nonetheless, many fans didn't find playing through it very rewarding due to a linear structure that had them simply observing rather than influencing.

MORE: "NBA 2K17" trailer will have you fired up for this year's game

The theme of the "dynamic duo" is being introduced as the main character will be joined by another rookie on the team named Justice Young. He's played by "Creed" star Michael B. Jordan. The story this year has been penned by Aaron Covington, who was one of the writers on "Creed." He also took on the directing duties. Actors and comedians Hannibal Burress and Matt Walsh also have roles.

The video game publisher heard that feedback and has made some big changes for MyCareer in "NBA 2K17." Instead of primarily dealing with challenges caused by exterior characters or actions of which the user had no control over, more decisions will be based on making choices, and the focus is shifting back to basketball. NBA 2K17 MT PC, more games platforms will be provided for more cheap MT.

On Sept. 9, "The Prelude" will go out for free as a download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's the start of the MyCareer Mode involving the collegiate portion of the story. Ten universities have been licensed to appear in the game.

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As we all know, Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete for the Legends Edition and Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George gracing the cover of the Standard Edition, the games will add a new feature, which is allowing league expansion in the franchise modes.

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NBA 2K17 MyCareer mode can contribute to NBA 2K17 Games reach a new level, apparently, famous basketball player Michael B. Jordan provided some help for this season, If make a comparison this season games and last season's version, the familiar is MyCareer mode will take on a similar narrative route, It's worth to mention that Spike Lee directing your MyPlayer's path from college prospect to NBA star.

This season will feature a deeper storyline during the collegiate portion of MyCareer mode. Eight real universities are featured in MyCareer mode that allow your MyPlayer to navigate the real pressures of an NBA prospect going through a one-and-done season. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale, you can click into buy it.

“NBA 2K17 was the perfect platform to connect with a new, unique audience and challenge myself to expand my abilities as an actor,” said Michael B. Jordan, who was most recently inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in July 2016. “I’m humbled at the opportunity to help influence a franchise that I’ve been a passionate fan of since its first release.”

Michael B. Jordan will play Justice Young, a character who has his own NBA aspirations, but helps guide your MyPlayer through the rigors of the NBA. Whenever your MyPlayer needs a little advice on or off the court, he can turn to Vince from Friday Night Lights for some answers. The addition of Young provides a teammate for your MyPlayer to bounce ideas off of and grow with. Jordan is really excited to team up with 2K and offer an added element of depth to the MyCareer Mode with the announcement, cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4 for sale, you can get into related game site buy it.

Just 5 years ago, MyCareer mode has come a long ways, this year's edition need to spend more time than previous version, nonetheless, it's pleased to know that Michael B. Jordan will be there to guide you to the finish line.

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NBA 2K17 news update: owing to technology has gradually enhancement, video game culture cannot keep its previous mode, For next-gen hardware, the NBA 2K franchise has been a beneficiary, in order to games is more and more realistic and immersive, the developers have tried their effort to reach the goal and made strides in producing games than competitors' Gamers, they are willing to spend more time on building up their virtual careers and franchises, both gamers and NBA players.

Everyone will love NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is coming soon, and the end of each summer marks the start of 2K season. It’s a dead time in the NBA world, and it allows the gaming franchise to market their product to its full extent. Hyping up 2K17 goes beyond commercials and other kinds of typical ads, and Ronnie Singh–a.k.a. Ronnie 2K–enlists the help of today’s players to help spread the word. More NBA 2K17 news update, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

Players tweet at Ronnie, with the hope of him passing along their in-game rating and a screenshot. As of now, only two Nets have had their ratings released: Sean Kilpatrick (72) and Chris McCullough (70). Those rankings are expected when dealing with players who haven’t showcased much during their time in the league.

Above-averaging players are anything over an 80 while above an 85 is All-Star territory. Once you crack 90, however, the players seen there are All-NBA worthy and make up many of the MVP candidates. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale, click into to buy it.

Both Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin are top players for two Nets, and they will be graded as such. The rest of the team, comprised of experienced veterans and young, potential-filled players, will not be ranked as high as Lin or Lopez because they’ve fallen out of their prime, or have yet to reach it. However, some of Brooklyn’s developing players have a chance to see their rating increase throughout the course of the season as they get an opportunity to showcase their game.

NBA 2K17 will be released on Sept. 20 with Bryant as the cover athlete for the Legends Edition and Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George gracing the cover of the Standard Edition. If you pre-order NBA 2K17, you’ll have early access on Sept.16. You can get into related games site to buy NBA 2K17 MT

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NBA 2K17 release date is approaching, speaking of highly anticipated basketball video games, players have gradually revealed their respective ratings, on twitter, related games screenshot appeared too.

In the last weekend, on the social media site, we can see the player have posted screenshots of their in-game personas, additionally, their respective ratings in the game were revealed.

2K is also getting the flak from fans who think that New York Knicks' Kristaps Porzingis was rated too low, getting only an 80 on "NBA 2K17".

Some fans have reacted over the scores, saying that the ratings should be higher. Tobias Harris, from Detroit Pistons, got a player rating of 78, and his fans think he should have had at least an 80. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale, Do you want to buy it?

Evan "Don't Google" Fournier had no issues with his 78 rating,but his fans did have something to say about his googly-eyed character in the game.

Fournier seem to be a good sport about it, however, that even he had made fun of himself on Twitter. "I'm not sure who this guy in my 2K screenshot is," Fournier cheekily wrote on his Twitter page. "He got my name and my jersey on though."

Another funny reaction is from 2016 dunk contest runner-up Aaron Gordon, from Orlando Magic. Gordon's first screenshot had his character facing away from the camera, but another shot of him showed a very unrealistic pair of hairy armpits.

Gordon posted a side-by-side comparison on Twitter, and commented sarcastically that the model is pretty close to his own.

Here are the rest of the player ratings revealed so far.

Marcus Smart 76
Jared Sullinger 77
Isaiah Thomas 85
Karl-Anthony Towns 88
Myles Turner 78

Denzel Valentine 73
Hassan Whiteside 85
Brandan Wright 76
Stephen Zimmerman 67

Quincy Acy 72
Justin Anderson 73
Chris McCullough 70

Doug McDermott 74
Ben McLemore 72
Jordan McRae 70
Jodie Meeks 74
Emmanuel Mudiay 76
Dejounte Murray 70
Larry NanceJr 75
Kent Bazemore 78
Malik Beasley 69
Jaylen Brown 74
Isaiah Canaan 72
Willie Cauley-Stein 72

Marquese Chriss 71
Ian Clark 72
Jordan Clarkson 77
Mike Conley 85
Seth Curry 72
Dewayne Dedmon 74

Spencer Dinwiddie 69
Andre Drummond 87
Jared Dudley 76
Joel Embiid 77
Kay Felder 69
Stanley Johnson 75
Sean Kilpatrick 72
Shelvin Mack 74

Patrick McCaw 69

CJ McCollum 83
Evan Fournier 78
Rudy Gobert 81
Aaron Gordon 76
Tobias Harris 78
Brandon Jennings 75
Jonas Jerebko 73
Taurean Prince 71
Julius Randle 77
Malachi Richardson 69
Josh Richardson 75
Glenn Robinson 70
D'Angelo Russell 79
Dario Saric 75

Dennis Schroeder 78
Ben Simmons 79

"NBA 2K17" will be officially released and made available for everyone on Sept. 20. There is a pre-order promo which gives players a chance to grab the game on Sept. 16. Nonetheless, you need to buy NBA 2K17 MT.

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When across the world’s GameStop and EB Games locations found out all sorts of posters, you are likely just one of all gamers when you see the scene. At this time, they may ask themselves some familiar questions.

First of all, they are confused about 2K Games, how much they can get for trading in last year's edition of 2K Games' NBA 2K entry. Additionally, they' re wondering how much they need to spend money if they can get version of NBA 2K17, finally, they're full with anticipated for new NBA 2K17 features could be worth upgrading to get their hands on. It's appear extremely crucial question that A quick check of the game’s website doesn’t immediately answer.

The NBA 2K franchise is massive. Focusing on the exploits of the National Basketball Association, NBA 2K has become the game to have if you’re a basketball lover that enjoys playing video games. Working behind the scenes is a simulation engine that has yet to be matched in any other game featuring the sport. MyPlayer has the best player customization of any sports title. MyGM and MyLeague break away from the core game mechanic so that gamers can expand their horizons into managing a team. MyPark allows for quick pickup games with other people who enjoy the game.

NBA 2K17 Features: Guest Teams

Everyone loves the league’s most iconic teams but getting them into NBA 2K wasn’t easy. The game’s rosters stay in sync with the real league’s roster. Unless 2K Games adds them, there’s no way you’re getting your hands on the classic Chicago Bulls line-up. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale, you can get into related games site to buy it.

The NBA 2K17 features list includes a few team rosters that lovers of the game will already be familiar with. The entire team for the 1992 USA Basketball Men’s National Team is getting treated as downloadable content. Those that pre-order the game get the team roster at no additional charge. Also known as the Dream Team, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Christian Laettner are included. The latter two haven’t been available in a NBA 2K game before.

Players don’t have to use the Dream Team if they don’t want to. The 2016 USA Basketball Men’s Team is available, along with the Australian Boomers, developer Visual Concepts confirms.

NBA 2K17 Release Date: Cover Athletes & More

At present, NBA 2K17 soon to be released on the market, On september 16th, the final game arrives on store shelves, it's means that user can play it on that day only that they take their copy of NBA 2K17, all thanks to the Early Tip-Off Weekend. More NBA 2K17 new features appeared, NBA 2K17 more news update, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

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The NBA2K17 moblie companion has a remarkable features, which is allow players to scan their faces, in order to they can have their likenesses in the full game. in this regard, it is totally different from NBA2K16 and make a great improvement, let's compare previous edition games, users needed to have access to either the Kinect or the PlayStation Camera.

Game Informer is reporting 2K Sports has confirmed the company removed the ability to use those devices for face scanning, leaving the Kinect and PS Camera even less relevant in the current generations of consoles. This change in policy likely means more people will be able to have their faces inside the game when it launches this fall since the number of people who own the PS Camera or Kinect are dwindling rapidly.

In addition to the ability to scan your face using the mobile app, the mobile NBA 2K17 application will allow users to win VC points daily. You can also peruse different items to purchase for the created player you’ve attached your face to through the application. The application also has a MyTeam Mobile collectible card game, as well as the ability to buy and sell MyTeam cards via the app’s auction house.

September 8, the NBA2K17 mobile application will be launched officially, additionally,September 20, NBA2K17 games will be released on related games platforms such as Xbox One and PS4, PS3, Xbox360. More NBA2K17 news update from time to time, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

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Karl-Anthony Towns born in 1995 , is a younger and professional basketball players, until now, he just only 20 years old.

Nonetheless, don't underestimate he is a younger guy, actually, he's already done a lot thing what you can not to imagine , for instance, like being named Rookie of the Year and winning the Skills Competition at the All-Star Game in Toronto.

His resume is perfect and is too long

On wednesday, as announced by via Twitter, Karl-Anthony will be the cover athlete for the My NBA 2K17 mobile app.

It was announced earlier this summer that Towns had joined Team 2K, along with the likes of Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond, Draymond Green and this year’s cover athlete, Paul George.
This shouldn’t really be a surprise considering how great his rookie season was and how marketable Towns is off the court.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last brand we’ll see highlighting the person Towns is on and off the court. Maybe the cover of NBA 2K18?

September 8, NBA2K17 mobile application soon to be officially launch, NBA2K17 will be released on September 8, release date is September 20. If you want get more NBA2K17 news, please attention to U4NBA.COM, we will be provide for you what you want to know, latest NBA2K17 news, footage, screenshot, everything here.

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At announced by manager Ronnie 2K, in the new game, players are likely curious about their standing, he also reveal that overall season is in full swing for NBA2K17, nowadays, any player can access to send him a message to get their player rating published on his twitter account. Untill now, over 40 players have sent in their requests.

More NBA2K17 Player Ratings Will Be Published Expected Soon

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond was the first to get his new rating published online. The 23 year-old, who is entering his fifth year in the league, saw his rating jump to 87 this year. He was rated at 83 during 2k16’s launch this time last year.

To see a full list of all the new ratings, you can check out this database on the NBA2k subreddit. Aside from Drummond, only 3 other players’ ratings are known so far. This year’s cover star, Paul George, hit the 90 overall mark this year, a four-point jump from his rating in 2k16.

His cover-co-star Kobe Bryant, who is the face of this year’s special ‘Legends edition’, has a 99 overall rating. Rounding out the list of known ratings is his Airness himself, Michael Jordan, who gets a 99 as well.

Other players who have reached out to Ronnie2K include reigning rookie of the year Karl-Anthony Towns, Miami Heat Big Hassan Whiteside, and New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis. Expect their ratings to be published in the near future. If you’re favorite NBA baller has yet to make a request, you can try and urge them by commenting on their various social media accounts.

More players new rating update will publish, we also anticipated that more NBA players start reaching out. NBA 2k17 news and updates, stay tuned to the U4NBA.

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NBA2K17 latest “Friction” trailer released, it is probably a hint at a legends mode featuring Kobe Bryant.

Following take a look at the overall latest trailer


As you can see the trailer, you see Bryant’s No. 8 jersey, but you can’t see his face.

In 2006, Bryant decided to wear No. 24 jersey instead of previous No. 8, No other Los Angeles Lakers player has worn No. 8 since. the end of the video, Bryant appears with his old afro look from his earlier days.

That Bryant has been in the game for a while as a member of one of the Lakers classic teams in the game, but it’s unlikely 2K would be hyping such an old feature.

I’m willing to bet Bryant gets his own mode of sorts, much like Michael Jordan did back in NBA 2K12.

LeBron James, Ben Simmons, D’Angelo Russell, Steph Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Robin Lopez, Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade and more are all in the trailer.

At around the 0:50 mark, Karl-Anthony Towns is jostling for position in the post with Marc Gasol, and it appears KAT’s head gets trapped under Gasol’s left arm.

As a Chicagoan and native of the South Side, it was hurtful to see Derrick Rose in a New York Knicks uniform, but as a gamer, it was great to see his updated hairstyle.

Largely, the gameplay and presentation aspects of the trailer can be described in two words: contact and emotion.

The director and editor went to great lengths to show off the game’s new collision-based animations, and there’s plenty of screaming, signature style and celebrations.

In previous versions, we would have seen a nasty bit of clipping in that instance. I’m hoping this means we’ll see a lot fewer arms and body parts passing through players and stationary objects.

More latest NBA2K17 news, footage, screenshot, please stay tuned U4NBA. NBA2K17 will be released related games platforms such as PS, PS4, PS3,XBOXONE, XBOX360 ect. Expect more NBA2K17 news details to update.